Some trends in finishes for 2020

Metals will come with force to the decoration of 2020 in all its variants, from those of industrial aesthetics such as steel and those of oxidized aspect, to gold and silver, states

The metals can be incorporated into the decoration through the lamps and various accessories such as the frames of the mirrors, the legs of some furniture such as coffee tables and other small decorative pieces.”


Metals are going to be all over the place in 2020. We’re talking silver, gold, tin, and copper,” proclaims “Tin panels are predicted to be a popular backsplash option for kitchens. The mixed metal decor trend will also be pretty popular. Silver and brown metals will work well together, like iron and gold or bronze. Be careful not to mix more than three metals in one space, or your decor could become way too busy and overwhelming for one room. The right interior design firm can help you find balance.

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Definitely another big trend, in this Milan Design Week 2019 there were many references to the 20s and 30s like fringes, gold accents, velvet etc.,” according to

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Art Deco has long been an influence on creatives in every industry and interior designers are no exception. While brass remains a perennial favourite, at least for the foreseeable, you can expect new mixes of materials and clean forms in 2020. Think lozenge-shaped lamps with marble and metal bases, simple geometric outlines and curves galore, but more understated than previous incarnations. Rather than glamour and overindulgence, the new look is a pared-back, minimalist interpretation of 1930s design,” explains



Move over stainless, chrome and nickel! Gold is probably hitting its zenith of popularity in the home decor trend movement for 2020! ,”


We have seen it gaining an immense following of natural brass, bronze, and gold lovers! And who can resist it after almost a decade of all that silver!

Gold metal is nothing new. It is just coming on very strong in new and exciting ways! Natural brass that earns its own patina and other gilded metals are showing up in sleek designs for the modern home,” is some of the design news reported by, and “As the saying goes… what goes around comes around! And so it is in decorating. But returning styles usually come back with a little different spin! I love the pared-down, slimmer profile of the gold accents I am seeing! This is not the brass and gold of the 1880’s and 90’s! I think gold metal is a very welcomed returning classic! There is room in on-trend home decor for all metals. And they look their best when they are mixed together. Choose gold to be your predominate metal color and mix it with a bit of nickel! Gold and nickel look gorgeous together! Don’t shy away from the gold trend just don’t be too matchy-matchy!