Colby Smith Door Knockers

Colby Smith has been making door knockers since 1976. The workshop, in Swansea, MA, is where he and his wife, Jane, design, pattern and finish the door knockers. The metal is poured at a local New England foundry.

These door knockers are substantial – easily recognized from a distance and interesting in detail up close. Each piece is sand cast in solid yellow or red brass, hand finished, assembled and lacquered for tarnish resistance. Various color patinas and nickel plating can also be applied to any design. Mounting hardware is provided for use on wood, metal or fiberglass/composite doors. If ever needed, Colby will completely refinish his door knockers for a small fee.


Charleston Hardware

Charleston Hardware takes much pride in manufacturing the most authentic reproductions possible. Antique American pieces are collected and molds and dies are painstakingly re-created from original American antique pieces. Each piece is made using the same techniques originally used over 125 years ago, and we are the only hardware company casting in the original composition of bronze.

Complete suites of each pattern have been reproduced, allowing hardware throughout the house to match. We assist building professionals and homeowners directly in the design, selection, and installation of hardware appropriate for a particular project. We offer customized hardware to fit existing antique locks and bespoke reproductions in wrought, cast, and lost wax from antique original pieces and schematics.